Welcome to a Company of One
Run by Krishna Kant Chourasiya,
Based in Vidisha, India.

From a small town located in the centre of India called Vidisha, I run this business on my own, taking inspiration from the principles of Company of One by Paul Jarvis. I’m a self-taught developer and designer who has been working on the web since 2012. Passionate to the very core about creating niche-based tools that prioritize quality over quantity.

In an effort to give home to all my crazy ideas and work, I created SmallTownDev, initially a youtube channel which grew into this. As I was more involved in building tools rather than just making videos on youtube, I thought why not use the same name to publish tools that I create and love.

I spent the past few years working 9 to 5 jobs and building my skillset to a level, from where I feel comfortable having explored small to major clients all over the web industry. With that being said, I’m here building for you and you only.

I’ll say it again, I’m here to build for the people and not trying to grow into some huge company with big money hungry goals.

You can say hello over on X/Twitter @lushkant or can always keep track of what I’m doing right now at lushkant.com