Videos on Web, Mobile and Code.

These are some of our videos/broadcasts on web development, mobile dev and code. I hope you like watching them as much as I enjoyed curating them.

  • Create Shortcodes in WordPress | Using WordPress Shortcodes API

  • How to Create WordPress Child Themes (FOR ANY THEME)

  • Making AJAX Requests in WordPress | Forms, Button events and jQuery

  • Run jQuery Scripts in WordPress Admin or Frontend

  • Debug WordPress Errors and Find Stacktrace on your WordPress Site

  • Create Block Plugins for WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg Editor) 2023

  • Use Database Transients in WordPress (WordPress Transients API)

  • Save and Fetch data from WordPress Database (WordPress Options API)

  • Add Dynamic Widgets at the WordPress Dashboard Panel (Dashboard Widgets API)

  • Modify a WordPress plugin the RIGHT WAYs