After building and maintaining many popular WordPress plugins, I knew that there is a serious problem that every developer faces while starting up with a new WordPress plugin. Whether it is the admin interface or the time taken to write the first line of actual code that matters to the builders idea, it was all messed up no straight path to follow.

Here comes VajraWP, A Modern WordPress starter plugin which not only brings a beautiful Admin UI/UX but also features most things you will need to just get to your idea in about a few minutes.

I was already under the impression of awesome plugins like Jetpack, WooCommerce and Gutenberg/Block Editor, and how they were using modern tech stacks like React and REST APIs to build smooth and lightning fast plugin experiences. So the question sparked, Can I bring forth the change I want to see in all the new WordPress plugins?

That was pretty much it, how I started building VajraWP and finished it over two weeks time. Initially I released it on my Youtube channel with a simple video and then followed by another video, but I wanted it to be more than that, so I went ahead and also created a beautiful landing page with a generator.

Coming days/weeks/months, you can expect to see some great changes and features that will help you as a Plugin Developer to bootstrap your idea in minutes with further enhanced layouts and modern techniques, all built in VajraWP.

You can check out more at –

And at Github – VajraWP Repo

Since it is all open-source, I hope whoever’s reading this and wants to add something cool to it please do, I’ll be waiting to just hit that approve button in all of your PRs.

Until next one, happy wordpressing you all 🙂


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